What is Forward-Facing Rowing?

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Simply put, the Forward Facing Rowing System is a device that allows rowers to see where they are going, instead of where they came from. It can be used on almost any kind of dinghy or rowing craft.

It’s easier to show you than to explain, so here are some videos of the Forward Facing Rowing System in action on the water.


Overhead view of the Forward Facing Rowing System on a 16′ Dory

Stern view (following behind a 9.5′ Captain’s Gig)

Demonstration of maneuverability (now he’s just showing off…)


Row in Overdrive

The oar cradles and link arms are asymmetric which increases the movement of the oar blade in relation to the handle. Less motion on the handle is required to move the blade through a complete cycle. Blades can be swung inboard to store the unit inside the boat without having to remove them from the boat. No tools are needed to release the entire oar and bracket from the boat for storage.



Our forward rowing system is made of the finest Stainless Steel. It has no cables to break or pulleys to adjust. It’s simple to install and it fits a wide variety of boats.



Our forward facing units are entirely built from corrosion-resistant stainless steel, with self-lubricating silicon bronze pivot pins.