Forward Facing Rowing System

For thousands of years people have been rowing backwards, looking back to their port of departure instead of forward to their destination. 

Boats have been rowed backward because the human body has its muscle power concentrated in the back muscles, shoulders, and biceps. This makes pulling a more efficient motion than pushing, meaning the rower becomes less fatigued, more energy is transferred to the oars, and the vessel travels farther with each stroke.

The Forward Facing Rowing System combines the best of both worlds – allowing the rower to face his or her destination, but using the same efficient pulling motion as traditional rowing.

This new system was designed using CAD/Cam technology to produce a simple, reliable configuration with a minimum of moving parts and the elimination of any need for adjustments. It can be used on almost any kind of dinghy or rowing craft.

See our prices page for the current pricing for both the Forward Rowing System mechanism itself and the optional pre-cut oars compatible with the system.

The Forward Facing Rowing System is made of stainless steel with self-lubricating silicon bronze pivot pins


The stainless steel system assembly

The stainless steel system assembly

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