Mounting Options

Save yourself time and energy with a convenient, easy-to-use mounting system for your yacht tender. 

Dinghies are Gig Harbor’s bread and butter. We want your new dinghy to look great on your yacht. We support a variety of mounting systems and can work with you to get your dinghy mounted correctly. We will work with you every step of the way to make sure that the job is done right.

 There are two main ways that a dinghy can be mounted on a yacht.

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Sidemount: The name comes from the fact that dinghy is mounted and stored on its side to take up less space.  Also called a swimstep-mount because it is commonly used when a boat is stored above the swim step at the stern of a boat.

Deckmount: If the yacht’s deck has sufficient space, the dinghy can be mounted directly to the deck.  Often a davit system will be used for launch and retrieval.

If your mounting setup requires hoisting or suspending the boat on davits, we can use lifting eyes, which are built-in structural lift points. We recommend four lifting eyes for the best balance.

The price for mounting is dependent upon the dinghy, and the necessary hardware to fit the yacht it’s mounted on. Contact us to discuss your specific needs.