A swimstep mounting (sidemount) is a great option if your deckspace is at a premium, and your dinghy’s length is short enough that it can fit on your transom. The dinghy is stored on its side so that the hull is prominently displayed. It’s a good thing that our dinghies look pretty from all angles!

We strongly recommend that you have us build a reinforced sheer into your dinghy if you are going to store your boat on its side for any length of time. During the building of the boat, we add extra layers of fiberglass along the whole side of the dinghy’s sheerline to distribute the load. This helps prevent stress cracking from the vibration and loading of single point mounting brackets.

The price for mounting is dependent upon the dinghy, and the necessary hardware to fit the yacht it’s mounted on. Contact us to discuss your specific needs.

A sidemount/swimstep mounted 9.5′ Captain’s Gig

A side view of the swimstep mount.

A close-up view of the mounting hardware.