9.5′ Captain’s Gig

An ideal size for a yacht tender, the Captains’ Gig is small enough to sidemount on a yacht transom, and it tracks exceptionally well for towing. One of the most stable sailboats available in a small size.


Our lapstrake Captain’s Gig offers the look of traditional wood construction, but is built with modern, low-maintenance materials. It sails remarkably well, especially to windward, and the true wineglass transom and long keel offer excellent tracking, leaving a virtually flat wake. The Captain’s Gig looks equally at home on the deck of an elegant yacht or in front of a cabin at the beach.

In 1993, we flared the transom into a ‘champagne glass’ shape and increased the beam, which dramatically increased the capacity and stability. This is one of the most stable monohull sailing dinghies available.

Captain's Gig Full Specifications

LOA: 9’5″
BEAM: 53″
(Displacement shown is fiberglass, ultralite is unavailable in this model)
SAIL AREA: Main, 45 sq. ft., opt Genoa 28 sq ft
Model-specific Options:
  • High Performance Option

Captain’s Gig Photo Gallery (click to enlarge):


Praise for the Captain’s Gig:

“The picture of our friend Steve shows how irresistible the dinghy is. Everybody wants to go for a row and three people have had their first rowing lessons in it. The maximum load we’ve had is four adults and the boat rowed well with plenty of freeboard.”

— The Greenings, Illinois (9.5 Captains Gig)


FAQ: How fast can you go in a Captain's Gig?

We’re often asked how fast our smallest boats can go under outboard motor power… our founder David Robertson took our 9.5′ Captain’s Gig for a speed test to find out! 

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