Custom Woodwork

We are wood craftsmen at heart, and enjoy adding wood touches to give a classic, artistic look to our boats.

Boats made entirely of wood are often impractical for most modern boat owners, but the addition of wood-trim work imparts the same old-world aesthetic to our fiberglass boats. Below in the gallery you’ll see some examples of our work: from wood trim, to teak seats, to custom inlays on the bow plate or stern sheets. 

This 10' Navigator has custom wood trim and seats.

This 10′ Navigator has custom wood trim and seats.

In addition to good looks, in some cases wood trim pieces can also serve a practical purpose.  For example, wood oarlock risers on the gunwales make it easier to recover on the oarstroke, allowing you to row smoothly in choppy conditions.  We also can affix a decorative rope rail accent to wood trim, which adds an especially striking detail and offers the wood a degree of protection from scraping/rubbing.  The rope looks like classic cotton, but is actually a modern material. We bed it with marine grade polysulfide compound so that it adheres well and cleans up easily.

As you look through our website you will notice the great variety of custom wood work we have done for our customers. Each boat ends up being unique and special for their owner. The gallery below shows a few samples of woodwork options.

The price of custom woodwork depends, of course, on how much labor is required. Contact us to discuss your desires and for a price quote. We think you’ll find us very reasonable and your boat will be gorgeous!