Stainless Steel Keel Strip

A simple way to protect your boat’s longevity.

One of the most economical options for your boat is a stainless steel keel strip. These strips run along the raised portions of the bottom and bow of your boat to protect the gelcoat from abrasions from the beach and concrete boat launch ramps. On our flat bottom boats, the 17′ Jersey Skiff, the 17′ Melonseed, the 16′ Swampscott Dory and the 15′ Lobster Boat there are several parallel strips on the raised portions of the hull.

We hand fit each strip on the boat and bed them in a marine grade polysulfide compound. The strips are then screwed to the hull with stainless steel hardware for trouble free maintenance even in salt water. The strips will add years of life to the hull and look wonderful too.

The Lobster Boat at right is equipped with stainless steel keel strips, handy for rocky beaches like those we have in the Puget Sound. Notice the bow keel strip is subtle enough that it’s not very noticeable unless you’re looking for it! 

 The prices for the Stainless steel keel strip for each boat can be found on our prices page.