Join us in beautiful Anacortes for the Boat & Yacht Show this month! For those of you who live north of Seattle, this is your opportunity to come see our boats in your area, without having to drive down to the South Sound to see us.

Since this show has an emphasis on trawler yachts, we’re bringing our most popular tenders with us. If you’re at all curious about using our boats as tenders, this is your chance to see our boats in person. What’s better than having a tender that’s fun to row or sail in it’s own right?

We only come this far north but once a year, so don’t miss your chance to see the 9.5′ Captains Gig, the 10′ Navigator, the 12′ Point Defiance, or the 14′ Whitehall. The crew from Gig Harbor Boat Works will be on hand to answer all your questions about our fleet of boats.

Here are the boats we’ll be bringing:

Gig Harbor Boat Works 10′ Navigator (2024)GIG HARBOR BOAT WORKSSail/RowPlaza
Gig Harbor Boat Works 12′ Point Defiance (2024)GIG HARBOR BOAT WORKSSail/RowPlaza
Gig Harbor Boat Works 14′ Whitehall (2024)GIG HARBOR BOAT WORKSRowPlaza
Gig Harbor Boat Works 9.5′ Captain’s Gig (2024)GIG HARBOR BOAT WORKSSail/RowPlaza
Gig Harbor Boat Works

In the meantime, check out the mailbag post we received from Steve P. and his 14′ Whitehall they use as a tender for their 46 Grand Banks! The Whitehall isn’t as commonly used as a tender these days, but this is a great example that shows it is a wonderful rowing tender if you’ve got the space for it on your mothership.

Pro tip: Steve cautions not to use a Whitehall as a dinghy unless you like to meet new people, as everyone wants to ask questions! 😉

Make sure to get your Anacortes Boat Show tickets early and we’ll see you there! Let us know if you want to come check out one of our boats and we’ll get you a free guest ticket.