Beach Dolly

If you live on or near a beach, or have access to water via a sidewalk or hand launch ramp, we have just the item for you, a Beach Dolly. These dollies work very well — like a miniature trailer they balance the weight over the wheels and the central support rail.  Tilt the stern end of the boat down and watch it float easily into the water.  When you’re ready to beach your boat it’s an easy glide back onto the dolly, and the weight is balanced so that almost anyone can move the boat up the incline of a beach.

It’s easier to show than tell… here’s a quick demo of launching our 10′ Navigator from a Boat Dolly:

Often you can drive your boat to a local park with a swim beach in the off season and transfer the boat from cartop rack or trailer to the dolly. A short walk down the sidewalk to the beach, and you’ve got a no-waiting boat launch. In general, parks are open to this sort of activity with wind and oar propelled boats. (Check your local park’s regulations to make sure though.)

We are proud to be a Dynamic Dollies dealer. These dollies fit our boats to a T, and even if you have a boat made by a different manufacturer we can help you get the dolly you need. They have a variety of different configurations available, so they can work for almost any small boat!

Key features:

  • Lightweight anodized aluminum construction
  • Easy to disassemble – breaks down into several pieces (axle, two pieces of tongue, wheels)
  • Easy to transport in a car or inside the boat when disassembled. (Note: you wouldn’t want to try to row with it inside the boat 😉)
  • Non-corrosive wheel bearings for easy rolling
  • Very high-quality product that can be custom configured to your boat
  • Wheelbase is wide enough for good balance, but narrow enough maneuver easily
  • Available in both sling and hard bunk configurations (hard bunk pictured above)
  • Fat tires are available, helpful for rolling over soft ground (sand and mud)

And the best part is, US shipping is included in the price of the dolly! Even custom-configured dollies typically are drop-shipped within about a week. (Additional shipping charges apply internationally.)

See our Prices page for current cost information, and Contact Us if you have any questions or would like to place an order!