For our yacht tenders with open cockpit floors, footstops are an energy-saving touch.

Footstops are so simple a concept that we considered not having a page about them at all. As you can see, its just a piece of our high tech carbon fiber laminate board cut and glued and screwed in place. But that overlooks our basic concept that simple is better, less is more. Less hassle, less cost, less trouble for more power in your stroke, more speed and more fun.

Footstops are generally installed on boats where you regularly have two rowers, or row from the front of the boat while carrying a passenger or crew in the back. With the rear seat you can brace your feet against the transom or the sealed compartment. Up front, there isn’t really anything to lean against. So for a long row in rough water, its really nice to be able to brace yourself against the seat with these footstops and pull!

A “Ladder” style footstop offers multiple positions for different size rowers.


The prices for the footstops are of course labor dependent but we think you’ll find them very reasonable.