Pocket Puller

The Thomas Pocket Puller™ is a perfect gadget for anyone who wants to pull recreational crab pots from our rowing & sailing dinghies! We love it because it not only protects the gunwale, but makes pulling easier on your back, too. This is an especially great investment to make if you’ve got wood trim on your boat, since it keeps the wet line from rubbing against the wood finish.

Protect Your Boat’s Trim

If you select the optional custom wood trim for your boat’s gunwale, the Pocket Puller will help keep you from marring the finish by dragging a line over it multiple times. We use a tough varnish but repeated dragging of 100ft of leaded line will eventually leave a mark.

Save Your Back, and Stay Drier Too

The pulley reduces friction so you don’t have any added resistance when you pull the line. Plus, with the line on the pulley you can stop pulling and set it in the built-in cleat to take a break at any time. You can lean away from the trap itself and use the whole floation of the boat to help pull a stuck trap (or anchor!). And as the line travels over the pulley it sheds a lot of the water thus keeping your boat drier.

Easily Manage Your Anchor

The other great use for this gadget is as an anchor line cleat when fishing. You can easily raise and lower the anchor, row or motor to your next spot, and reset the anchor. We do recommend that you tie off the bitter end of the anchor line to something fixed like a seat but the cleat on the pocket puller will hold your boat while you cast for that next trophy bass.

How to use the Pocket Puller:

In the quick video above you’ll see a quick video demonstration of how it works.

1) Insert the pot puller into the oarlock. The pocket puller fits in any 1/2″ hole oarlock which are standard on our boats.

2) Thread your line from your crab pot over the pulley.

3) Pull! You can cleat the line to hold it in place any time you need a break.

4) Haul in your crab! (Sorry our video is a bit anticlimactic since there are no crab in the pot — crabbing season was closed when we filmed this, so there’s no bait in the box!)


We can’t promise that your traps will catch crabs, but we can promise that once you use a Thomas Pocket Puller you’ll wonder why you waited so long to get one!

You can find the current price for the Pocket Puller on our Price List, or add it to your Online Quote to complement your dream boat.