Our oars combine the traditional appeal of wood with high performance and ease of use.

Our oars reflect years of research and experimentation to refine the ideal oars for modern rowers. Crafted from high altitude oregon Fir, these oars feel much lighter and more delicately balanced than typical wood oars.

The long ‘high aspect ratio’ blade shape is extremely efficient; the blade length and curve prevents slippage on the power stroke while the narrow width requires less lift and is less likely to hit waves on the backstroke.

Careful control of the shaft diameter combined with the blade taper makes a delightful flex pattern that yields at the beginning of power for a soft feel. At the completion of the stroke the flex recovers quickly giving a little extra ‘kick’.

Chafe guards are heavy duty nylon rope wrapping set in epoxy. The oar stops are a firm rubber that grips the rope for positive positioning yet can be easily adjusted for different amounts of overlap or use on different boats.

 Oars are available in sizes from 7 feet to 9 feet in 6 inch increments.

Other sizes and styles, including whitewater oars and lightweight carbon fiber oars, are available by special order.