Roller Furling

Roller Furling

Shown: Jersey Skiff jib roller furling

If you sail alone, or with an inexperienced crew, you might consider getting the roller furling option. This device allows you to roll your jib up like a windowshade to easily get it out of the way. The kit contains a spool which mounts on the bow at the bottom of the jib and a line which runs back to a cleat inside the boat. The advantages of roller furling are many. First, its easy to reduce sail area if the wind comes up stronger than you would like. Next rolling the jib gets it out of the way so you can see the dock and bouys when you come in for a landing. Lastly it stores the sail out of the way, and is easy to manipulate even for beginning crew members. Just pull either the roller line to furl or the jib sheet to release it.

With roller furling you can rig your jib on the beach or at the dock, and roll it up out of the way until you clear the piers and jetties etc. Then when you are ready, uncleat the line, and then with a flick of a wrist pull the jib sheet. Out it will pop and you will be sailing!

Rolling the jib is nearly as easy. With a slight tension on the jib sheet, by holding on to it, just pull the roller furling line. The jib will roll right up like a window shade ready to be released when you need it, not flopping around in the breeze, or falling into the water. No need to send someone forward to gather in the sail when you douse it.

The prices for the roller furling gear for each boat style can be found on our prices page.