“I have been very impressed. I thought I would not like it for long rows (that’s 4-5 miles for me) but it is my preferred method. I find that it is very easy to get the boat up to hull speed and hold it there in long smooth strokes and when I switch back to the normal system it seems like there is just not enough pull on the oars…too much wasted motion and too choppy. The added benefit of seeing where you are going adds wonders to the enjoyment, not to mention helping to dodge traffic and river flotsam. The only drawback to the system is the learning curve. This is not too bad for steady rowing where one soon gets in the rhythm, but docking and close in maneuvering does take some practice. Finally, although the initial price seems a little steep the system is well worth it. This is a sturdy, well made, well engineered, quality unit which is a joy to use.”

— Jim Robb, Portland OR


“The forward facing rowing system you developed really helps in crowded conditions and at night. I row in a relatively narrow channel, the Lake Washington Ship Canal, along with commercial boats, yachts, shells and kayaks. The ability to see where I am going has made and enormous improvement in my sense of security because I can see other boats in plenty of time to avoid them. It also makes it easier to follow turns and thread bridge openings. The system works very smoothly and efficiently. The top quality materials have made it maintenance free. I really appreciate your taking the time to bring this system to the market, it provides tremendous safety benefits in addition to making rowing more pleasant. I hope you continue to manufacture the forward facing system. It should help expand the sport and allow more people to get more enjoyment out of rowing.”

— Carl Stixrood, Seattle WA

“I have a forward rowing system on our 16′ Gig Harbor Swampscott Dory. I use it all the time and frequently row over 10 miles at a time. It is smooth, reliable, and robust. I would recommend it to anyone interested for a serious rowing boat.”

— Brian Ehrmantraut

“I use the forward facing rowing system on a 14 ‘ Whitehall on American Lake near Tacoma. At first I didn’t know how much I would use it, but now I use it all the time with a sliding rowing seat.”

— David Benson

“We purchased a 9.5′ Captains’ Gig from GHBW and just for fun, put the forward system on it. We use the boat as a tender for our sailboat and enjoy all the comments we get. We get a lot more attention in our dinghy than in our big boat. It works great.”

— Gary Glein

Ken Roelen reports that his Acorn dinghy (above) trims nicely with one rower aft and one forward.


Whitehall with FFRS

A 14′ Whitehall with Forward Facing Rowing System


A 9.5′ Captain’s Gig with Forward-Facing Rowing System