UPDATE: This boat is now sold.

Just in! This 2003 Whitehall rowboat with burgundy gelcoat stripe has a sliding rowing seat, two pairs of wood 8′ spoon oars, and some interesting after-market customizations. Though it’s almost 20 years old, this boat still has good bones, and its new owner could go a lot of different directions with it, depending on how you want to use it!

Included Equipment: Sliding rowing seat, stainless steel keel strip, blue canvas cover, 2 pairs of 8′ wood spoon oars, 1 pair of 9.5′ carbon fiber oars, dolly, and trailer. It also has an original factory daggerboard & mast step, so it could potentially be converted into a sailboat for an additional cost, if desired.

Now about those after-market customizations:

The hatches you see in the bow and stern seats are not a typical factory option — those seats are usually completely sealed in, with loose foam for floatation. The seats are now empty, and it looks like those hatches were added later for storage or maintenance access.

Plus, somewhere along the way, a former owner swapped out the factory oarlocks for the outrigger style ones you see here in the photo (presumably to go with the included long sweep carbon oars). If you like that setup you could keep it as-is, or opt to have us put back on the original oarlocks if you prefer to row with the 8′ wood oars.

Used Boat Notes: Our modern Whitehalls have multiple footboard positions — this boat has a single-position footboard that reflects its vintage (the footboard is included, though not visible in the photos since it’s tucked under the seat). The hull appears in good condition, some cosmetic scuffs are visible at the bow which you can see in the photos. The trailer currently does not have a winch.

Asking $6,000 for this unique Whitehall. A new Whitehall rowboat with all these features and included accessories would retail for over $11,000 today. Send us an email or give us a shout at the boatshop at 253-851-2126 if you’d like to know more about this boat!