Things have been so busy here at the shop this summer into fall that we are behind on sharing updates from Fredrik and Nancy‘s journeys through Alaska in their Salish Voyager! Check out these glorious photos from their late-summer travels through the Wild Places. (Click on the photos to see an expanded version with caption.)

Need to catch up? See Part 1 and Part 2 in this series.

For 76 days and over 460 nautical miles, we have been living, day and night, with our new Salish Voyager. She is definitely part of the family now.

    August found us crossing from Gustavus to Point Adolphus, and dipping into Port Frederick to weather a serious storm. Heading south along the limestone cliffs of Chichagof Island, and the granite fjords of Baranof Island, made for dramatic scenery, but challenging camping. This time of year the salmon are in the streams, and most of the few beaches available belong to the bears. One night we decided to solve this issue by sleeping on the boat, with only moderate success. The bed was comfortable. It was one of those rare nights in Southeast Alaska where rain wasn’t likely. However, we were soaked with dew, and still sleeping in the salmon stream at low tide.

  Fall weather patterns seem to have arrived bringing even windier and wetter. conditions. We apologize for the lack of pictures of rough water sailing and rowing. Both the captain and the first mate were busy. 

Fredrik and Nancy are now settling in for the fall and winter season. We will have one more update from them posted in the next few weeks with their fall photos. And by popular request, Fredrik and Nancy will be sharing their photos and videos demonstrating some of their techniques for beach-camping in the Salish Voyager over the long term. Stay tuned, and let us know if you have any other questions for them about how they optimized their boat for a long-term expedition!