This Gig Harbor Boat Works 16’ Swampscott Dory is a truly rare find! It’s unique for sure, and we think somewhere out there is just the right person who’ll give it a great home!

The Swampscott Dory is a classic East Coast traditional workboat with a storied pedigree. Originally designed as a beach-launched fishing boat, it was meant to launch through surf, survive in rough conditions, and carry large quantities of fish and gear safely. What helped the dory succeed in this was a hull form that naturally shed waves, and got more stable the more heavily it was loaded.

For many years our Dory was the longest boat in our model line until we introduced our 17’ Jersey Skiff, which met many of the same needs, yet was more appropriately suited to today’s recreational boaters who don’t carry those heavy loads. As the Jersey Skiff became more popular, we discontinued the dory because pure recreational boaters who enjoy glassy-water rowing would usually prefer the Jersey Skiff or Melonseed (or nowadays, our new Salish Voyager).

The Dory’s biggest strengths include easy handling in rough conditions, the ability to surf-launch, and a great capacity for gear. The soft-chined, flat-bottomed hull will sit flat on the beach and carry heavy loads easily, but as a result it requires a heavier load to sit well in the water. This boat is most comfortable with at least 100 lbs of water ballast in the boat — a pair of water jugs on either side of the centerboard does the trick.

That said, the workboat heritage of the Dory makes it a great option for those who will really put this boat through its paces – strong rowers going through surf, hauling fishing gear, etc. If that sounds like you and you are drawn to this boat’s classic, instantly recognizable lines, this might be just the boat for you. These don’t come up often, so act fast!

Dory Specifications

  • LOA: 15’8″
  • BEAM: 57″ 
  • DISPLACEMENT: 250 lbs Fiberglass / 220 lbs Kevlar
  • DRAFT: 7″

This 16′ Swampscott Dory was built in 2001, it’s in great shape and comes with a sliding rowing seat, kevlar composite construction, stainless steel keel strip, a matching burgundy boat cover to match the burgundy gel coat stripe, storage hatches forward and aft. It also comes equipped with two sets of 9′ spoon oars and a trailer with spare tire.

This is a great opportunity for you to get out on the water THIS summer! Give us a call for more details. Only $6,995 for this truly rare specimen. For more information or to schedule a viewing at our shop in Gig Harbor, call us at (253)-851-2126 or send us an email here.