We received an email from an appreciative customer in Alaska who thanked us for his boat that he uses quite frequently exploring the glacier lakes near Juneau Alaska. I in turn thanked him for sending us the awesome pictures with the blue ice in a shade I can’t describe. The visuals of the ice are also helping us cool down on these hot days of summer.  Then I asked him what he’s doing up there with his 10′ navigator…..

Well, because of that boat, I have been able to take several older people (70+yrs.) around Mendenhall Lake in Juneau Alaska. I have a good seat for them, and they can lean against those back wheels a bit so they can relax and enjoy the trip. I take them across the lake and we get out on a beach near the face of the Mendenhall Glacier. There, if they are able, we hike up to some ice caves that are in the area. Otherwise we have a picnic near or on the ice of the glacier and enjoy the view. These people could never get in and out of a kayak or survive the 1 hour + paddle across the lake. It always turns heads when I row past people, and I always stop and talk about your company. Matthew S. Brown who took these photos is a good friend of mine, he is out bear viewing right now, I sent him a text and he said you can use the photos. There is also a picture of the ice caves I took with a friend of mine.

11816122_10205371748115898_986458127137598910_o 11816348_10205371747715888_9147310800000730352_o 11874967_10205375980981717_293714840637897510_o 11879241_10205371273824041_1804525125094217028_o 11895234_10205375982101745_1517896297766683723_o ice caves