We received a letter from our friends about their travels in Canada with their beloved Melonseed. Maybe you’ve gone on an adventure in a Melonseed. If you have pictures and an accompanying story, mail it to Boatshop@GHBoats.com so we can share it with those interested in the kind of fun you can have in our boats.

Travels of a Melonseed

My wife and I took our Melonseed from it’s home on Willapa Bay in WA to Vancouver Island, BC, a road trip.  First the Back Ball Ferry, then Lake McLvor near the Campbell River.  After exploring the area we headed for Oak Bay, outside Victoria.  We rented a slip at the Oak Bay Marina for a week and rowed the bay.  The sail boat people would come over and ask the universal question, “what is that, it’s beautiful”.  The Melonseed is not for shy people.  It attracts attention and you best be ready to talk.  While at Oak Bay, we rowed over to a local beach, pulled up and had sandwiches and tea.  Very Canadian.  While at the marina, a gentleman came over, chatted for a while and then asked to take a photo. The photo he wanted was of the Gig Harbor Boat Work name plate.  And all this time, my wife and I thought he wanted a picture of us. Well, that is just life when you travel with a Melonseed.
John & Lynne
Portland, OR
 IMG_0438 Melonseed rowing  IMG_0382 Melonseed beached IMG_0384 Melonseed picnicIMG_0355 Melonseed slip
IMG_0453 Melonseed on ferry