Now that the first few fiberglass SCAMPs have been out in the world for a few seasons, we’re starting to get some great feedback from folks who are using them in the real world.  This pair of reports come to us from Don H. in Florida. He waited for a break in the unusually cold winter that most of the northern US had to escape from Maryland to Florida. Looks like a great plan! Warm water, warm breeze, what’s not to like?


Had quite a few people ask about the Scamp and, of course, would tell them about it and to go to

On the way home we decided to spend a day at Disneyworld, staying at Fort Wilderness Campground. Checking in a day early (had gotten hot and calm in Keys), the budget site was not available. The manager, a nice young man intrigued by the boat, decided to give us the “cool boat discount” and we got the premium site for same price!

Absolutely love the boat. Hope I don’t have to wait too long to sail again here at home.


SCAMP in Florida Keys


My son Russell jumped overboard in chest deep water with my waterproof Nikon AW100 and took these shots near NE end of Big Pine Key.

I moved the halyard attachment (with swivel block lashed to yard) about 8 inches toward throat and like it better than original.

Am thrilled with the boat.


Scamp in shallows
Scamp close up