A couple of months ago we shipped out a pretty Melonseed all the way to the other side of the world, to Western Australia.  Her new owner, Peter, has been keeping us in the loop on her adventures.

His first impression:

“Blazin’ly fast… she sure is Dave, I was out in a 15 knot westerly yesterday, she is very fast and a dead set true tracker.”

Peter's Melonseed

Upon first arrival at her new home, soon to be christened “Always”

After a few weeks of rowing practice, he seemed to be developing quite a nice relationship with his new gal:

“Serious rowing is a skill never forgotton, since I have had my Melonseed, its a skill I am getting much better at. I love my Melonseed, she’s fast, stable and getting many admiring looks and queries.”

Peter was also nice enough to take some pictures and video of a crabbing outing and send it to us. Those blue swimmers sure do look different than the Dungeness and Rock Crab that we’re used to pulling out of the Puget Sound!

“Irwin inlet, a great place to catch Blue Swimmers”

Most recently he’s been doing some fishing, and tinkering with the best setup for that use.

“I took the melonseed out and used it for what I brought it last night, we netted 65 plump SeaMullet, I have made a modification to the boat to fit the electric motor, the motor clamp did not have enough purchase on the transom, the helm steerage works a beauty, but I can improve on it a bit, with the two of us, both big men, a truck battery, and two nets and anchors, she floats well in very shallow water, and is stealthy, I surprised a couple of other netters last night when we glided past them noiselessly.”

— Peter

Thanks Peter for sending in your stories and keeping us updated on our Melonseed’s adventures!