Hiya Scampers,

The construction of the deck plug is going faster than anticipated. Perhaps our experience level is just making it flow easier than the hull. Or maybe there are just fewer parts and complex angles to deal with. In any event we are real happy with how she’s coming together. Now the character of our fiberglass Scamp is really starting to evolve.

I’ve inserted a photo gallery of our latest progress below (click the thumbnails for larger versions).  You will see three changes from the prototype Scamp. The first two changes are as a result of input on the water Scamp reports; The most obvious is (In Josh’s words) the ‘Scamp Ramp’ which is the tapered mast socket to make stepping the mast easier. More discreet is the raised aft edge of the Veranda roof that offers a finger grab for balance when standing in the cockpit. The last change which most folks won’t notice at first is that the coaming now extends the full length of the cockpit. The prototype’s coaming ended about two-thirds of the way aft along the cockpit sides. This change is mostly my choice because I think the full length coaming just looks better…. I like the way the coaming will flow along the curve of the deck and fair into the transom cap. Another nice touch is making the coaming wide enough to incorporate a faired recess for the oarlocks in the top of the coaming. Most discreet of all the modifications is the wedge joining the top of the cabin sides with the roof. We can’t build the prototype’s eyebrows along the cabin side because of logistics with the mold but the wedge will still have a bit of a shadow line to give character to the cabin.

Meow Gallery: The gallery is empty.

A few days ago we started the long process of final fairing the deck just as we did with the hull. There are lots of corners to round off, angles to fill and then multiple coats of primer and sanding. Our anticipation is to have the deck mold finished around the end of December.


Dave and crew at GHBW