The SCAMP is a 12′ micro-cruiser, shown here in wood. We’re now taking the first orders for a fiberglass version!

We have some exciting news to share!  We’re adding a completely new boat to our production line – the SCAMP!  Those of you familiar with new developments in small craft may have already heard of it… we are thrilled to be able to offer this 12′ micro-cruiser in a fiberglass version, with the same craftsmanship and attention to detail that you’ll find in our other traditionally-styled fiberglass boats.

The new fiberglass SCAMP to be built by Gig Harbor Boat Works will retain all of the characteristics of the wooden versions. Commissioned by Small Craft Advisor magazine, designed by John Welsford of New Zealand, the SCAMP has been available for the past year or so as a plans-only boat. Welford designed SCAMP for wood construction, but SCAMP is much more challenging to build in wood than is first apparent. Multiple bulkheads, reinforcements, water ballast tank, etc. have to be handcrafted in addition to the usual attention paid to frame shape/alignment, plus the usual seam-sealing and finish work. Soon after Small Craft Advisor began to offer plan sets, they received inquiries about when a fiberglass version would be available. The demand became such that SCA came to us and asked if we would be interested in building a fiberglass SCAMP.

We were immediately intrigued at the prospect of adding SCAMP to our line. But as mentioned, SCAMP is difficult to build- particularly so in fiberglass because the tumblehome stern will require a two piece hull mold…. Tooling for SCAMP will require more time and investment than for a typical 20 foot sailboat. And because of that, the retail price of a fiberglass SCAMP will have to be proportionately higher than your average 12’ sailboat.

We also want to ensure that the characteristics of SCAMP in fiberglass will be indistinguishable from well-built wood SCAMPs. Our goal is to have class consistency- in a race, neither wood or FRP construction should have an advantage. Hull shape, ballast tank, displacement and sail rigs must be completely competitive. There will be some minor cosmetic differences applicable to FRP construction, but that will be the limit of changes.

A few key points about SCAMP’s design:

  • SCAMP is an eminently capable micro-cruiser commissioned by Small Craft Advisor magazine, designed by John Welsford.
  • Only 12 feet long, yet the feel of a larger boat.
  • High freeboard, hard chines and full ends give lots of buoyancy and carrying capacity.
  • 178 pounds of water ballast.
  • Flat bottom with keelsons tracks surprisingly well and sits flat on a beach or trailer.
  • Swing keel with kick-up rudder.
  • Balanced Lug Rig with lightweight carbon fiber spars
  • Although only in existence for less than a year, homebuilt versions of SCAMP have completed challenging voyages such as the Everglades Challenge.
  • Proven high capsize resistance and easy recovery.
  • Fast and forgiving nature

For further reading about the design, visit http://www.duckworksmagazine.com/10/designs/scamp/index.htm.

Because the tooling and molds will be complex, to help capitalize the project we will make a special ‘pre-introductory pricing’ offer to the owners placing the first six deposits for our fiberglass SCAMP:

GHBW fiberglass SCAMP pre-introductory offer (available to the first 6 buyers) includes:

  1. Complete, sailaway SCAMP with custom fitted high quality galvanized trailer for $12,795.
  2. Earn cash back; $200 per showing when we send you qualified leads who subsequently place an order.
  3. And more cash back; Earn $500 ‘finders fee’ per sale your referrals generate (no lead from us).

A deposit of $6,000 is required to secure this offer and your place in our construction queue. We already have several deposits; once we have the 6th deposit we will commence tooling and expect to have SCAMP #1 finished about 4-6 months later. All deposits will be placed in a trust account so if 6 deposits are not received in a reasonable time frame they will be refunded 100%.

If this looks like the sort of boat you’ve been dreaming of, give us a call at (253) 851-2126 or email boatshop@ghboats.com! Once this becomes a regular production model, our price will have to go up, so don’t delay!

Click here to see updates about the Scamp development (with photos) on our blog!