Ocean rower Jacob Adoram has now broken the world record for longest time at sea on a solo rowboat! He has spent 313 days at sea (so far) on his route from Neah Bay, USA to Cairns, Australia. Jacob estimates he’ll make landfall in the first week of June.

Jacob Adoram’s website has a lot of interesting information about the design and build of his boat, as well as a blog he is able to occasionally update with stories and photos while he is at sea. The record-setting Day 313 sounds like it was an eventful one!

There’s also a short documentary trailer about the planned journey that’s worth a watch:

Although this particular world record has fallen, the previous world record holder, Erden Eruc of Around-N-Over, still holds 14 world records he amassed during his travels around the globe!

Besides their record-setting achievements, Erden and Jacob have something in common… both of their records have been set while rowing on a sliding seat designed and built by Gig Harbor Boat Works! And ocean rowers Jordan Hanssen and Roz Savage have used our sliding seats, too.

Built by Falk Bock and designed by David Robertson, the ocean-rowing seats are made of the same components used in the sliding seats you find in our everyday recreational boats! Though our own adventures might be a lot closer to home, we love following the journeys of these ocean rowers, knowing that our sliding seats are capable and reliable for these big adventures.

Read more and follow Jacob’s journey on his blog and track his position at https://www.jacobadoram.com/whereisjacob.