As summer stretches into fall and the shadows are getting longer, we thought we’d take a break from the norm and share a little of the behind-the-scenes of what goes on outside our typical 9-to-5 here at the shop.  So here’s a little peek into GHBoats “after hours” and what life is like here when daylight turns to shadow.  


Gig Harbor Cruisers at GH Boats

From time to time Dave hosts a meet up for the Gig Harbor Cruisers car club here at the shop. This time around 60 people showed up in their classic and custom cars, and spent the evening eating hamburgers and taking turns swapping car stories. (It seems that car people love a good tall tale just as much as boat people do!)

With good weather, good food and awesome cars, it’s one of our favorite ways to spend a summer evening… right up there with a boat meetup on the water, of course!


Total Eclipse of the Sun

Of course, the biggest “shadow” that we experienced this summer was a big event nationwide – the solar eclipse that swept the US from coast to coast. Gig Harbor was outside the path of totality, but at least the skies cooperated here so we were able to see the partial eclipse event.  It’s amazing how bright the sun still is even when it’s 94% covered by the moon.  And watching the shape of shadows change on the ground as the eclipse progressed was truly captivating:


Dave himself was lucky enough to be down in central Oregon for the event and did get an amazing shot of the “Diamond Ring” at totality!  

Total eclipse with “diamond ring” of the corona. Nice photography skills, Dave!


Shadow’s “Dog Days of Summer”

And finally, we are happy to announce another new ‘Shadow’ you might find here at the shop.  Those who visited the shop in years past may remember Dave’s loyal shop dog, Daisy, who went to the happy hunting grounds in the sky a couple of years ago.  Dave’s new puppy, Shadow, is a blue heeler-border collie mix learning the ropes of being a “shop dog” too, and has been giving warm and friendly greetings during her visits to the shop.  (Just don’t ask the other shop dog, Ralph, what he thinks of Shadow… he’s not convinced yet that she’s as cool as we think she is. )

Shadow took a break from her greeting duties to accompany Dave and Janet on a trip to Victoria B.C. – her first international adventure!  Shadow’s “Dog Days of Summer” travelogue photos are below…

Shadow says, “Thanks Auntie Katie for typing this up for me because don’t have fingers. Also, YARF.”


Riding a ferry is even better than sticking my head out the car window! And I can surprise people walking on the lower deck!


Papa Dave got all excited to when he discovered the Victoria Wooden Boat show was in progress. Free admission too! (FYI, I prefer the fiberglass boats that look like wood. More practical and they smell like home.)


Inspecting some large propellers. I find them satisfactory for obstacle course purposes.