So while the sun has been shining in places all over the world for weeks now, Gig Harbor just recently got invited to join the summer wagon. Let me tell you, this sun was greatly missed and we are soaking in as much as we can. With the weather picking up, business is picking up and we are getting many customer photos about the adventures they are going on.


Here are some photos of a customer we met at our last boat show in Charleston, SC. You can almost feel the excitement we got to share with him as he and his new point defiance took off together on their first sail.

( click on thumbnail to enlarge image)


Here is another Point Defiance taking off on a sail, which will be the first of many.

Greetings! We finally got our new Pt. Defiance 12 in the water a few days ago, and put up the sails. She ghosts along very nicely in virtually no wind (and rudder-sculls well in zero wind!). Attached are a couple of photos from her maiden voyage under sail.





These stories and the weather inspired us to join the summer wagon ourselves. So in celebration of welcoming summer, we will be at the Gig Harbor Maritime Parade tomorrow! Be sure to keep an eye out for our banner and boat! 🙂