One of the best things about being a custom boatbuilder is working together with a client to create something special.   The result is that sometimes folks end up with boats that are more like works of art than ‘just a dinghy’.

Here is a prime example of a Yacht Tender that shows a real appreciation for how the tender can compliment the mother vessel. This Navigator sailboat was designed with matching hull color, varnished Mahogany gunwales and interior, lifting eyes for davits, and even the Sunbrella cover coordinates with the yacht. The owners brought us their ideas and let us use our skill and imagination to create their perfect tender.  We sure appreciated their compliments when first setting eyes on their new boat and now it’s their turn to receive compliments during the cruise season.

Enough with the chitter chatter… the photos speak for themselves!

Here she is in the shop, waiting to be taken to her new home.

Look at that gorgeous bowsprit and those inviting seats!
(This is a prime example of what our High Performance Option and Alternate Rowing Position options look like in wood instead of fiberglass. Also notice the black rope trim around the edge – a subtle and sleek detail.)

As nice as she looked in the shop, she looks ten times better on the water.

Out with the old, in with the new – moving the Navigator in to replace the old inflatable tender.

Ah, that’s better! The new yacht tender is nicely complimentary to the colors and lines of the mother vessel.

All smiles… off to new adventures!