Our exhibit at boat shows often turns into a family reunion of sorts. Lots of folks who already have one of our boats will stop by to tell us of their experiences and adventures.

This year we talked to owners of Gig Harbor Boat Works craft who have rowed and boat-camped through the islands, caught fish and crabs and taught their kids to sail. Boats were trailered to Florida, towed behind yachts to Alaska and car topped to remote lakes in the mountains.

We live vicariously through the adventures of our boats so we’ve never been shy about asking for details and pictures to share on our website and blog.

Last week we announced a new incentive for sending in your stories and pictures!  By sending in the photos above, Mark Diederich of Oceanside, CA was the first recipient of a hot-off-the-press limited edition T-shirt!

He also made a generous offer to those in the So Cal area who would like to see a Whitehall in person. If that sounds interesting to you, we’re happy to help you get in touch!

Hi Dave- …I’m a shell sculler-rower and absolutely love your Whitehall… If anyone in So California contacts you and would like to see or try out a Whitehall 14, feel free to give them my name and contact info.

I live on my boat — an Islander Freeport 36 in Oceanside Harbor.


Mark Diederich

Oceanside, CA

14' Whitehall on Davits

14' Whitehall yacht tender