Here is another SCAMP tidbit to keep you titillated!

The below photos show the installation of the double center plank. I think I previously mentioned that we need to make the planks slightly thicker than standard because fiberglass requires a smooth transition between planks. This requires ½” planking thickness…. but ½” plywood wont bend to Scamps sweeping contours, so we decided to double plank layers of ¼’ plywood for the center and upper planks.

The first ¼” plank installed

Falk applying a very uniform layer of adhesive to ensure we don’t create a hard spot between layers

The second layer clamped in place for curing. Lots of clamps, again to ensure a nice smooth curve with no hard spots. That deep shadow line looks good, eh?

The most observant of you will look at the pictures and ask, “Hey, where’s the cabin?” Well, remember we will be fairing the plug and building the mold with the boat upside down. If we had the cabin on, the height of the plug on a cradle would mean we’d have to stand on a scaffold to work. Temporarily cutting off the cabin bulkheads will lower the project to a workable level.

Other news is that we will offer (optionally) a recessed rectangular hatch in the cockpit floor. Wood Scampers have reported they sure wished they could access the under–cockpit area for storage. We have found a reliable gasketed rectangular hatch cover (about 12” x 20”) that should do the trick. The top of the hatch will be recessed to the same height as the cockpit floor.  Scuppers leading from the recess to the cockpit drains will allow removing the hatch cover without letting a lot of water in the bilge from the recessed area.

Other field reports have noted the wide centerboard slot is prone to jamming from sand / gravel when beached. So we are incorporating a gasket for the centerboard opening as a standard item.

Stay tuned for further news on this exciting build!