A few days ago Mr Hurd, one of our future Scamp owners, stopped by the boatshop for a visit. After perusing the shop and seeing the progress of the Scamp, we loaned him a Point Defiance rowboat to tour the harbor and check out the famed Tides Tavern for a lunch stop. He sent us nice note and pictures of a beautiful day in Gig Harbor.
Hey Dave and Falk,
It was great visiting you Tuesday. Thank you so much for your hospitality and the loan of the Point Defiance skiff. I want one of those too!
I had a grand time rowing to the Tides Tavern for lunch on the deck. Then I rowed to the gravel spit and lighthouse at the entrance to the harbor and a bit beyond. A stiff flood tide current was coming in but the Point Defiance  had no trouble defying it!  If it (at just 12 feet) rows that well I can only imagine the fun of rowing a Melonseed or one of your other boats. Some pix are attached. What a wonderful way to enjoy a gorgeous day, explore stunning Gig Harbor, and try out one of your fine boats.
Now, when someone asks me about Gig Harbor boats I can tell them from personal experience that they are all beautiful and the workmanship is impeccable.  Throw in the pleasure of interacting with you guys and you have a perfect boat buying experience.
I cannot wait to take delivery of my Scamp. Seeing the hull plug and Falk’s craftsmanship bringing it to life left no doubt in my mind that I will be getting a unique, splendidly built twelve foot sailboat.
Give Daisy a pet for me.
Thanks again,
Don Hurd

Point Defiance at the Tides Tavern dock

The Tides is a favorite local haunt - you can cruise right up to their dock and grab a seat on the deck.

The Gig Harbor sandspit, with its trademark lighthouse, is a fun place to stop and have a picnic, or just get your toes dirty.

What a pretty little boat!




Speaking of the 12′ Point Defiance, here’s another report from PD-owner Andrew in Santa Barbara. You might recall he is the fellow who sent in several reports of sailing his Gig harbor Whitehall in the ocean off Southern California. He recently traded in his Whitehall for the drier and more comfortable Point Defiance. Sounds like he’s having a great time!


Had a wild ride today in the PD. Blustery conditions in the 15-20 kt range with whitecaps and a very lumpy sea. Had no trouble keeping her upright and moving at hull speed or more (I swear we were on the verge of planing a number of times) on close reaches out and back from the harbor. The added beam and freeboard over the whitehall makes a big difference. No water over the leeward rail, only splashes from windward spray. The wide transom tends to lift the rudder and round her up whenever things get too dicey. Still getting used to the differences (and my constant fiddling with gear – I was playing with a new and imperfect mainsheet arrangement today), but continue to be delighted and even amazed that the PD handles as well as she does, is so able as a sailboat in challenging conditions, and so much fun (even if she’s not quite as fast – though I think today we were moving as well as at any time in the whitehall)!