As we say good bye to the fall leaves and hello to the rain, we make the seasonal change to our schedules and activities moving more and more indoors. Now is a good time of year for preparing for the next season’s activities while shifting into winter; it’s a great time to bring in your boat in for some well needed repairs. Fiberglass is easily repairable and we are able to do small or large jobs in our repair shop. Time and weather take their tolls as we all know, but fiberglass boats are often repaired or restored to extend the life of the boat through generations.

For example, pictured here among the last of the fall leaves is a 90’s Whitehall that we recently picked up. We’ll be giving it a full restoration, and when it’s ready for it’s second life we will be offering it for sale!

Fall boat

1990s-vintage Whitehall ready for restoration


A few fall finds in the mailbag

Jackie from Colorado sent us a photo and report of her new Nisqually rowboat. Looks like it will be at home on mountain lakes! And she gave the boat an original name too…

“I love my 8 ft Nisqually! Headed out for a morning of rowing on the Grand Mesa lakes near Grand Junction, Colorado.”

— Jackie


Becky writes about her new Whitehall:

“The Whitehall is causing quite a stir in my neighborhood right now as everyone wants to know about her and thinks she is just gorgeous. I had a perfect morning row on the Annisquam River.  Later I let my husband join me and we went all the way out to the ocean.  It was a dream.  The Whitehall glides along effortlessly even with two people!  Thanks again.”


rowing Whitehall


Thank you both for sharing your adventures and enthusiasm for the small boating lifestyle!