Sorry for the looong interval since the last update. Ever since we finished the tooling we have been focused on building and shipping brand new Fiberglass Scamps to their owners. Three boats are already in the possession of their skippers and our fourth Scamp has just been finished today and it’s a stunner. Marty will be sailing fiberglass Scamp #4 with its beautiful green & bronze combo on shallow Texas lakes before trying his hand at the Big Waters of the Gulf Coast. But based on the feedback from other Scampers he’ll be spending lots of time at the launch ramp showing his boat to fascinated passersby. Here is Marty’s gorgeous Texas-bound scamp:

The other Scamps we have built are now located in the San Francisco bay area, Silver Springs, Maryland and close to home in Olympia, Washington. We have already started construction of the Scamp #5. Don will be driving all the way to Gig Harbor from Annapolis Maryland to get his boat! Hmmm, do I sense a Maryland Scamp convention?


The much-discussed but rarely shown centerboard gasket.

Take a look at the centerboard gasket shown above.  It really amazing how much a gasket cleans up the underbody, smoothing the laminar flow of water past the opening and keeping small rocks, sand, etc from jamming the centerboard when beached. The gasket material is a very tough and flexible acrylic plastic only .010 thick. We bond it to the hull with 2 sided aircraft construction tape. Tough stuff!

And a couple more great photos of the Scamp out on the water:

Scamp on sea trial Scamp at sea


Note to owners who have a Gig Harbor Scamp; we live vicariously by hearing about your exploits and adventures. Pictures, stories and feedback in general is really appreciated!! And don’t forget that you get a free Gig Harbor Boat Works T shirt as reward.

We are always glad to talk about Scamps so if you have questions, answers or just want to chat feel free to give us a call.

Dave Robertson & crew