Well here’s what you’ve been waiting for – the “nitty gritty” details on all the Scamp options and pricing!

A couple of people have asked us if we are not accepting new orders until we ‘catch up’ with backorders. We are not limiting orders at this time and are happy to accept new orders! To encourage folks to step up we are holding the same prices that were offered to the 6th through 12th orders for a little while longer. Knowing how many boats to build allows us to plan and order some very specialized parts in quantity so saves everyone money.

The current base price for a complete sailaway Scamp is just $12,995, but will soon be going up to a more realistic ( for us) $14,995 in a couple of months. There is a wide range of cosmetic and operational options that shows typical out the door prices ranging between $14,000 – $17,000. If you want to lock in the introductory pricing, you should get your order in soon.

We have had quite a few questions about Scamp’s option list so I thought it best to go into more detail here about the various choices. But first, I’d like to emphasize the fact that we build and sell all of our boats complete, ready to sail.

Our “basic'” Scamp is sail ready with exactly the same top quality parts and materials as a “fancy” Scamp — you don’t have to add anything to go for a satisfactory sail. Our ‘Base’ boat’s level of completion is the same as specified in the Scamp plans or kit for DIY home builders. Options are exactly that… individual choices made by the owner to suit their cosmetic desires and refine performance.

So without further ado, here is the Option List as it stands today, including some explanations of the various options and their best use:

SCAMP Custom Options (as of 8/2013)

Cosmetic options

Hull color change…….. $549 ( White hull exterior is standard)

This option allows you to customize the hull exterior to the color of your choice.  For the best balance of pizzazz and reasonable maintenance, we recommend that color only be added to the top strake and the balance of the hull be left white. Why? A white underbody doesn’t show scratches like a dark color, it is easy to repair, and Scamp has high freeboard so a darker sheer strake lowers the apparent freeboard. If you add color to the top strake, we will extend the color across the top of the bow and leave the stern all white for best visual balance.

Deck and interior color change ….. $249 (Bisque Tan deck and interior are standard)

The Bisque color is neutral so goes with any accent color – it also doesn’t show scratches and is easy on the eyes. However, we can make the topsides any color you want; for more than a basic color change the price varies with color and pattern.

Bronze Deadlights …… $295 pr. (white nylon deadlights standard)

Mahogany Gunwale trim ……..  $895 (standard gunwale trim is tan vinyl)

This wood trim option also includes mahogany ‘eyebrows’ on the cabin sides. Other wood trim such as coaming or seat top overlay is available on a custom basis.

Custom Sail Color ….. varies (standard is ‘Egyptian cotton)

Any color available, price varies with color and pattern.

Hull options

Stainless steel keel guards ……. $395

Over 90% of the boats we build are specified with stainless steel keel protection. Fiberglass is a wonderful boatbuilding material; easy to conform to compound shapes, hard smooth finish, eminently repairable; but it is NOT abrasion resistant. Pulling a boat onto a beach is asking for grief, especially if parts of the boat have a sharp edges forming high pressure areas…. like the keelsons on Scamp. Protecting the keelsons is a lot cheaper than fiberglass repair.

Floor storage hatch …… $295

There is a lot of usable, easily accessible space under the cockpit floor. This optional storage is a sealed chamber approximately 18″ wide x 30″ long with depth varying from about 8″ at the forward end to 4″ aft. The hatch accessing the storage is a rectangular Armstrong style with 14″ x 21″ opening. If you plan to add electric propulsion or accessories this is an ideal location for batteries!

Bilge pump, built in ‘Whale Gusher’ ……. $395

Rain and spray is contained in the cockpit sump at the transom. This can be scooped or sponged out easily. However, if you somehow get water inside the seats or underfloor that is a relatively inaccessible area. Although chances of getting much water in this area are slim, there are basically two ways to get it out; the easiest way is with a built-in bilge pump although a portable handheld pump will work too.

Outboard motor bracket …… $319

Removable motor mount bracket

Removable outboard motor bracket

Bolts to outside of transom. Owners have noted that a permanent motor mount on Scamp is, well, ugly. So we researched a removable mount that has only a flat plate permanently bolted to the transom. The actual motor carrier clips onto the plate with a simple quick pin, no tools required to install or remove the bracket.

Bronze 5″ cleats …… $ 40 ea

Bronze cleat

Bronze cleat


Stainless steel pop–up cleats ……. $ 60 ea

Pop-up cleat

Pop-up cleat

4″ Horn type stainless steel cleats ……. $ 29 ea

There are no standard cleats on the basic Scamp other than the bow eye. Many of our customers specify NO cleats so they don’t have to worry about lines snagging at inopportune times. The best cleat for you will depend on your usage of the boat. Bronze cleats look great in combination with bronze deadlights. Pop-up cleats drop out of sight when not needed, for good looks and no worries about fouling.


Performance / operational options

Trailer, galvanized, custom designed for Scamp ….. $1375

Scamp is very difficult to fit correctly on a trailer; the twin keelsons, wide chines and flat bow just don’t work with any standard trailer. We designed a custom trailer specifically for this hull. It is 100% galvanized and has three aft rollers to accommodate self centering on the keelsons. Scamp has a tendency to skate sideways when loading, so we install carpeted side guides and a central crossmember roller to make loading simple. Forward is a carpeted transverse bunk to support the fairbody, and finally a special twin chock winch pedestal. Oh yeah, bearing buddies are standard too.

Swiveling mainsheet cleat with removable base ….. $109

The mainsheet cleat is fastened to a transverse board between the seat tops. You can adjust the position of the board and cleat fore or aft the length of the cockpit or remove it entirely by pulling two stainless steel fastpins.

Jiffy reefing …… $ 119

Three Reef points in the sail are standard, but there are no reefing lines or cleats. If you want jiffy reefing we”ll set up two complete ready to use reefs.

Compass, bulkhead mounted Richie #RITV57.2 …….$ 95

Oars, 9’4″ 2-piece fiberglass shaft with bronze oarlocks ……. $ 329 pr.

Scamp’s high freeboard and wide beam requires 9’+ oars which are impossible to stow in Scamps’ cockpit. We have engineered high quality, strong 2 piece 9’4″ spoon blade oars that disassemble and store concealed inside the cockpit coamings. Another practical storage area is on the vertical seat sides, clipped into modified fishing rod holders.

Lehr 2.5 Hp propane outboard motor …. $1149

No more problems with clogged carburetors or varnished gasoline. Use either small camp stove 1 pound propane bottles or remote auxiliary tank. State of the art if you are considering an internal combustion motor.

Lehr 10 pound remote propane tank, marine rated ……. $119

Cover for trailering/storage …… $629

Top Notch fabric, custom sewn for Scamp.  Protects deck and cockpit during trailering and storage.

Scamp spar and sail bag ….. $229

We are always looking for ways to simplify sailing, and one of the most vexing chores is the assembling the rig. Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to pull the completely assembled, ready to hoist sail and spars out of a bag? This special bag is 12′ long and has two long pockets; the lower pocket is for the two-section mast. The upper pocket has a full length zipper so you can store the sail lashed to the yard and boom with even the jiffy reefing in place. Just pull the mast with halyard attached from the bag and plop into the cabin-top ‘Scamp Ramp.’  Then fasten your halyard to the Yard and hoist the whole rigged sail out of the bag. All you have left to do is run the halyard and downhaul to their respective cleats, clip the mainsheet and lazy jacks to the boom and away you go. 10 minutes, done.

Stirrup reboarding system …. still under development

Transom boarding ladder ….. still under development


Photo courtesy of  Debra Colvin for Small Craft Advisor