Those of you who have visited before probably noticed a difference when you visited the site today!  We know we rocked the boat a bit by changing the site layout that you’ve been familiar with – after all, our website had the same layout for over 10 years!  We apologize if the changes take some getting used to for any of our long-time visitors, but we feel that the old site, while perfectly usable in its heyday, had been left behind by technology and had become harder to read and use over the years.

We hope to ease the transition by offering these helpful hints, and introducing you to some new features:

  • Our main menu is unchanged. Even though the menu now is at the top of the page instead of the left hand side, all of the content is in the same order and pages are in the same place.  For example, you’ll still find information on our JERSEY SKIFF in the menu under Boat Details > Boats 14-17′ > Jersey Skiff, and if you’ve bookmarked a link to get there, it will still work just like it always did. The one exception is the PRICES page (read on).
  • The Price List page has moved. Though you used to find it at the bottom of the list under “Boat Details,” it now lives under a new section called “How to Order” that explains our ordering process and tells you what to expect when you place an order with us.  We’ve made this change just to make it a little easier for new visitors to find all of the information about prices and ordering in one place.  You’ll also see that we’ve taken away the “checkboxes” table and instead given a plain list similar to the printed price brochure that we hand out at boat shows. Though the table was helpful for some who were familiar with our products and the layout of the form, it was often confusing for those who were still trying to figure out what options were available for each model.  So the old form has been replaced with a  list-only version (plus a printable PDF), and….
  • A new “ONLINE QUOTE” page!  This tool uses our current pricing and generates an informational web quote that you customize based on your selected boat, options, and accessories.  As you complete the form, your choices will automatically present the options available for the boat and model you select.   For example, if you select a rowboat, you’ll be presented with rowing-specific options and won’t have to scroll through a section full of sails.  Once you’ve  played around with the options and customized your boat, you can choose to submit your contact info and have the informational web quote sent to us so we can discuss it with you (a copy of the quote will be emailed to you as well). If after talking with us, you want to place an order, we can then use the informational web quote as a starting point when we generate your estimate and collect your deposit.
  • Improved blog!  We have had newsletters/blogs for years now (since 2006!), but it was difficult to search and find information on specific topics (like all our posts on the new 12′ Scamp boat, for example). Our blog now includes a sidebar that shows things you might be looking for, like categories for each boat, and archives of all our posts and newsletters.  You’ll also find links to our most recent blog posts and photos on the bottom of every page.
  • Our site is now mobile-responsive and more readable on smaller screens (like smartphones and iPads).  We’re still completing testing on this and welcome your feedback. If you have any problems viewing the site on your mobile device, please email the webmaster and let us know what model phone and operating system you’re using, and a description of the problem.
  • “The more things change, the more things stay the same…”  We still don’t have “Online Ordering” and don’t think we ever will, because the nature of our business is in highly-customized boats that are tailored to your  needs and preferences. We always want to discuss your boat with you before you give us any money, to make sure the boat you’re ordering is the best fit for you.  We will never pressure you into a purchase, we just want you to have a boat you will enjoy for the long term.

We hope you enjoy the new!