We had an interesting week. Along with all our usual activities, we had a group of visiting Small Craft owners stop by the boatshop as part of their group cruise through Puget Sound. Their timing was perfect because the same day Scamp’s designer John Welsford, adventurer (and Scamp advisor) Howard Rice, and Small Craft Advisor magazine editor Josh Colvin editor were all here to see and consult on the progress of our Fiberglass Scamp.

They brought big news! Scamp has been accepted as a ‘one design” sailboat! This will establish a baseline to ensure performance potential between wood, homebuilt and professionally built Scamps. This is good for all of us because One Design Status will keep Scamp as she was designed — as a simple, efficient and affordable small craft. Details such as hull weight, center of mass, spar flexibility, etc. will be within specified parameters.  That means that someone showing up at a race with an expensive ultralight carbon fiber Scamp – outside of the “one design” standard – would not be allowed to compete. And furthermore, One Design status ensures every Scamp’s long–term value too.

This photo shows Howard Rice (tan hat, in center) giving a presentation about Scamp's testing and seaworthiness. John Weslford is the man on the right side in picture.

The photos below show our best Tom Sawyer attempt at drafting free labor! What better help can we get moving the Scamp plug from the woodshop to the spray shed than Scamp’s own designer and promoter? They were good sports and a great help. (They did receive a complimentary lunch afterward at one of Gig Harbor’s fine waterfront restaurants.)

An impromptu Scamp "work party"!

Here are the visiting group of Small Craft enthusiasts along with Daisy, our long time shop greeter. …. Josh brought his original SCA Scamp #1 too! (just visible on the left)

As of 9/5 the Scamp plug was undergoing fairing of the keelsons in preparation for the first coat of primer. And, a tip ‘o the hat to Hank in Florida who just signed up for ‘glass hull #8!

More to come!

Dave and crew at GHBW