Time for another SCAMP update – work is progressing pretty quickly now!

This part of the construction is the installation of a temporary deck, and then turning the hull over to design the keelsons and begin the fairing process. The purpose of this temporary deck is to create the overhang of the upper hull edge… the fiberglass deck will be bonded to the hull at the sheerline which requires precisely matching surfaces on the top of the hull and underside of the deck.

Falk made the keelsons by fabricating cardboard templates which are taped to the hull, then he filled the void between the templates with pour- in-place foam. The foam expands to the contours and is easy to fine tune to shape with knife, rasp and sandpaper.

Watch for report #5! Scamp designer John Welsford, adventurer Howard Rice and SCA Editor Josh Colvin visited the shop to check out the fiberglass Scamp. Photos and comments in the next report!