It’s been a while since we’ve done a mailbag roundup, and lots of good owner photos have been sent our way as the planet turned and those of us on the northern half of the globe started to warm up from winter’s chill.  Without further ado, let’s get to it!

January: More Amazing Whales in Hawaii

The Raimos just keep getting more and more amazing shots.  Here are some of their best from last winter:

February: On Golden Pond in the Quachita Mountains

Here’s a gorgeous whitehall on a gorgeous winter day.  Not a lot of us can get the weather, or the courage, to take out our boats when the leaves are entirely off the trees.  Just stunning!

March: A Happy Navigator in Hawaii

No photos for this one (yet), but a good report from new Navigator owner Rich.  Still pretty chilly for us northwesterners, but a perfect time for a row in Hawaii!

The Boat showed up yesterday.  Within six hours I had already unwrapped it, assembled the dolly and rowed about 3 miles out to sea.  The dolly did not come with instructions, but it was easy enough to figure out how to assemble it off of the computer.  It is a beautiful boat!  I was going to name it “The Rachel” after a beautiful 20 year old in my music classes, but then, I thought, people might see it and put two and two together and realize that SHE was the “Rachel” I was referring to… so instead, I’m going to name it “The Rachel Edwards”.  That will remove all doubt. 🙂  Thank you for the care and love you put into that boat.  You’ll be hearing from me.

Take care, and thanks again.

Sincerely, Rich

April: A report from Boseman, MT en route to Minnesota

Steve L. sent this photo from Boseman, Montana. He’s heading from Olympia WA to Minnesota and didn’t want to miss out on any possible sort of fun. Let’s see, he’s got three bikes, two guitars, camping stuff, and oh yeah, a Whitehall rowboat.

Steve appears to be something of a GHBW addict – he has owned or does own a 10’ Navigator, 12’ Point Defiance, 14’ Whitehall, 17’ Jersey skiff and now is getting in line for a 15’ lobster Boat! If you enjoy chatting about boats and listening to folk rock style music  Steve’s your man! Send us an e mail and we will tell you how to find some of Steve’s music.

May: A Nisqually in Arizona

This pretty little 8′ Nisqually just had its maiden voyage!

We took the “Tender Mechiah” to Lake Powell for her first voyage and it was great.  Thanks again for all your help… greatly appreciated.



I don’t know about you, but I’m glad that our days are getting longer and the weather is getting clearer.  Now that we’re starting to warm up around here, we’ve got a big waiting list of folks who are chomping at the bit to get out and about in their new boats, too.  We can’t wait to hear about all their adventures, and have some of our own!